Hubis Technical Associates provides consulting services to organizations needing expertise related to computer storage technologies. These services focus on innovative and disruptive computer storage technologies and their impact on business decisions, framed in the evolution of storage architectures.


  • Storage Architecture

Provide deep expertise related to storage protocols, standards, technologies, applications, security, and software.

  • Standards Organization Representation

Provide guidance on standards organization structure and activities, representation at standards organization meetings, and preparation of proposals.

  • Technical and Executive Briefings

Technical and Executive briefings on new and emerging technologies, protocols, and standards organizations and how these relate to our client’s business goals.

  • Intellectual Property Consultation

Intellectual property evaluation for patents related to computer storage and networking technologies. We help patent owners assess the value of their assets in the fast changing domain of computer storage.

  • Training and Knowledge Transfer

Educational services about new and emerging technologies, standards organizations, storage protocols, and storage security.

Areas of Expertise

  • Flash memory and Non-Volatile Memory

Applications and implementations.

  • Secure Storage

Security for data at rest and data in motion, the TCG storage specification, FIPs-140, ISO/IEC 27040, and many others. Import and export issues related to secure storage products.

  • Storage Standards Organizations

SNIA, T10, T11, T13, PCI-SIG, TCG, OASYS (KMIP) and others.

  • Storage Interfaces

SAS, SATA, SCSI, Fibre Channel, iSCSI, PCI, NVMe, SOP/PQI, and others.

  • Computer Storage Technologies

New and emerging storage technologies, including PCIe based flash and Non-Volatile memory.

  • Key Management

Systems and protocols (e.g., OASYS KMIP).

  • Educational Services

Storage systems, interfaces, security, and technologies.


• Exceptional expertise

We know when we know what we’re talking about. If we don’t, we’ll get the right people involved.

• Service

Simply, the business exists to meet the needs of our clients in a way that works for them.

• Commitment

We do what we say we will do.

• Honesty

We strive to proactively communicate accurate and timely information on the progress and status of your project.

• Transparency

We make sure everyone involved knows what we do and how we do it.

• Fun

We want you to enjoy working with us.

About Walt

Walt is a storage architect and the owner of Hubis Technical Associates. He provides expertise related to storage interface and storage security standards organizations with a focus on protocols and software interfaces and how innovative and disruptive computer storage technologies impact these standards. Walt has over twenty-five years of experience in storage systems engineering in both development and managerial positions and has authored several key patents in RAID and other storage related technologies. He is the vice-chair of the SNIA SSSI Initiative and has served as the Chair of the Trusted Computing Group Key Management Services Subgroup, Chair of the IEEE SISWG P1619.3 Key Management subcommittee, and Secretary of the IEEE Security in Storage work group (SISWG). Walt is a sought-after speaker at industry conferences. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.