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T10 (SCSI) January 2014 Meeting


I attended the INCITS T10 (SCSI) meeting on January 13 to 16 in a warm and sunny Orange County. The highlights of the meeting:

  • One of my perennial favorites, Atomic Writes and Reads (13-064r8) was passed in the CAP committee meeting with 11 yes and 3 no votes, but when it was reviewed in the plenary meeting, it failed to pass with 4 yes and 8 no votes. Back to the drawing board.
  • SPC-4 Letter ballot comment resolution (13-256r3) continued, with some 800 comments remaining to be resolved.
  • Work began in earnest on the Zoned Block Commands (ZBC 14-051r3) specification for SCSI zoned block devices, notably those employing shingled write.

 My complete notes for the meeting can be found here.

2014 Storage Standards Meetings

Meeting                                           Date       Location
Storage Visions Conference      1/4/2014    Las Vegas, NV
T10                                              1/13/2014    Irvine, CA
SNIA Technical Symposium    1/27/2014    San Jose, CA
IETF                                               2/2/2014    London, England
T11                                                2/3/2014    New Orleans, LA
T13                                              2/18/2014    Irvine, CA
T10                                              3/10/2014    New Orleans, LA
SNIA Technical Symposium    3/17/2014    Miami, FL
T11                                              3/31/2014    Scottsdale, AZ
T13                                              4/22/2014    Boise, ID
T10                                                5/5/2014    Vancouver, BC
SNIA Technical Symposium    5/13/2014    Austin, TX
T11                                                6/2/2014    Philidelphia, PA
T13                                              6/17/2014    Longmont, CO
T10                                              7/14/2014    Colorado Srings, CO
IETF                                             7/20/2014    Vancouver, BC
SNIA Technical Symposium    7/21/2014    Portland, OR
T11                                                8/4/2014    Anchorage, AK
Flash Memory Summit              8/5/2014    Santa Clara, CA
T13                                              8/19/2014    San Jose, CA
T10                                                9/8/2014    Westborough, MA
IDF                                                 9/9/2014    San Francisco, CA
SNIA Storage Developer          9/15/2014    Santa Clara, CA
T11                                              10/6/2014    Cour d’Alene, ID
T13                                            10/21/2014    Sacramento, CA
T10                                              11/3/2014    Northern California
IETF                                             11/9/2014    Honolulu, HI
SNIA Technical Symposium  11/17/2014    San Diego, CA
T11                                              12/1/2014    Saint Petersburg, FL
T13                                              12/9/2014    Redmond, WA”