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Flash Memory Summit 2014

I’ll be speaking at several events during the Flash Memory Summit, August 5-7 in Santa Clara, CA:

  • On Monday, there’s a SNIA Storage Tutorial session where I’ll be presenting my Secure Storage Tutorial.
  • I’ll be giving a really brief introduction to the Non-Volatile Memory Programming technical work group at the SNIA SSSI Solid State Storage Reception on Monday evening.
  • I’ll be participating in an open session Storage Security: Back to the Future (Security Track) where I’ll be talking about the impact of the upcoming ISO/IEC 27040 specification.

2014 Storage Standards Meetings

Meeting                                           Date       Location
Storage Visions Conference      1/4/2014    Las Vegas, NV
T10                                              1/13/2014    Irvine, CA
SNIA Technical Symposium    1/27/2014    San Jose, CA
IETF                                               2/2/2014    London, England
T11                                                2/3/2014    New Orleans, LA
T13                                              2/18/2014    Irvine, CA
T10                                              3/10/2014    New Orleans, LA
SNIA Technical Symposium    3/17/2014    Miami, FL
T11                                              3/31/2014    Scottsdale, AZ
T13                                              4/22/2014    Boise, ID
T10                                                5/5/2014    Vancouver, BC
SNIA Technical Symposium    5/13/2014    Austin, TX
T11                                                6/2/2014    Philidelphia, PA
T13                                              6/17/2014    Longmont, CO
T10                                              7/14/2014    Colorado Srings, CO
IETF                                             7/20/2014    Vancouver, BC
SNIA Technical Symposium    7/21/2014    Portland, OR
T11                                                8/4/2014    Anchorage, AK
Flash Memory Summit              8/5/2014    Santa Clara, CA
T13                                              8/19/2014    San Jose, CA
T10                                                9/8/2014    Westborough, MA
IDF                                                 9/9/2014    San Francisco, CA
SNIA Storage Developer          9/15/2014    Santa Clara, CA
T11                                              10/6/2014    Cour d’Alene, ID
T13                                            10/21/2014    Sacramento, CA
T10                                              11/3/2014    Northern California
IETF                                             11/9/2014    Honolulu, HI
SNIA Technical Symposium  11/17/2014    San Diego, CA
T11                                              12/1/2014    Saint Petersburg, FL
T13                                              12/9/2014    Redmond, WA”

January Standards Activities

January 2014 will be a busy month for storage standards and for my schedule! Here are the highlights:

  • Storage Visions Conference, January 5 and 6, Las Vegas, NV. There will be a special SNIA tutorial session on Saturday, January 4 where I’ll be presenting my presentation on Practical Secure Storage.
  • INCITS T10 (SCSI) Meeting Week, January 13-16, Irvine, CA. I’ll be attending as a visitor for this meeting.
  • SNIA 2014 Winter Symposium, January 27-30, San Jose, CA. The Non-Volatile Memory Programming (NVMP) technical working group will be meeting, as well as a summit on NVM technologies. More information to follow as the scheduled get worked out.

Best wishes to all for a happy and prosperous new year!