T10 (SCSI) January 2014 Meeting


I attended the INCITS T10 (SCSI) meeting on January 13 to 16 in a warm and sunny Orange County. The highlights of the meeting:

  • One of my perennial favorites, Atomic Writes and Reads (13-064r8) was passed in the CAP committee meeting with 11 yes and 3 no votes, but when it was reviewed in the plenary meeting, it failed to pass with 4 yes and 8 no votes. Back to the drawing board.
  • SPC-4 Letter ballot comment resolution (13-256r3) continued, with some 800 comments remaining to be resolved.
  • Work began in earnest on the Zoned Block Commands (ZBC 14-051r3) specification for SCSI zoned block devices, notably those employing shingled write.

 My complete notes for the meeting can be found here.